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About Us

RealTime Health is a global leader in narrative communication (patient and caregiver story telling), specializing in the development and implementation of narrative-based resources and interventions. The company produces the ‘Speaking From Experience' series, which comprises a database of over 600 video clips for online delivery and a library of over 70 DVDs across three countries. The series presents the patient and carer experience of a range of illnesses and health-related topics. The resource is continually growing with the addition of 5-10 titles per annum in each of the three countries. 

RealTime Health was founded by Tina Campbell with the objective to make the ‘Speaking From Experience' content more accessible to the general community. RealTime Health's aim is to enable broad access to patient knowledge, and improve the confidence and motivation of individuals to engage in effective self-management behaviours. 

About Patient Narratives

Patient narratives are defined as 'accounts of events experienced by the narrator (Frid et al, 2000). Narratives enable patient knowledge, acquired from the day-to-day management of chronic conditions, to be conveyed to those who are seeking answers. 

Hearing personal stories of health and illness has well-documented health benefits. According to current literature, narratives can change beliefs and motivate action; they can facilitate information processing; they can be persuasive and counter disagreement to health information and can provide a new perspective on familiar experiences.

RealTime Health takes an evidence-based approach to content production, drawing on narrative theory and current research.  The company collaborates closely with consumer health organisations, ensuring that the content is relevant and appropriate for the audience for each topic. During the production process, RealTime Health reviews current literature relating to each topic and conducts focus groups with participants to obtain their input. The company's methodology is a significant contributor to market acceptance of the company's core product; it is authoritative and trustworthy.

For more information on the theoretical framework underpinning RealTime Health's narrative resources, please contact us on info@realtimehealth.com.

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